Musk's changes create Twitter blues for government agencies

Twitter has been an essential tool for government agencies getting urgent information to the public. Elon Musk's takeover could change that.

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Commerce Department's tribal broadband grants top $1 billion


The NTIA has now awarded more than $1 billion since August to expand high-speed internet access on tribal lands.

Texas’ citizen services app to automate driving-test paperwork


The Texas by Texas app is planning next year to automate the currently tedious paperwork process for attaining a driver's license.

North Carolina prisons add dentistry to telehealth program


Visiting with dentists by video could help save unnecessary and costly visits outside of North Carolina prison walls, officials said.

Former Google chairman launches fund for safety-net innovation


Former Google chairman Eric Schmidt's foundation launched a $13 million grant program to develop technology for government benefit programs.

Pittsburgh plans to close digital divide by 2027


A new Digital Equity Coalition plans to close the Pittsburgh digital divide within the next five years.

Five 'Safety Net Innovation Lab' states try mobile tools to boost assistance programs


Code for America said the first five states in its new Safety Net Innovation Lab are making their assistance programs more accessible.

New NYC Cabinet for Older New Yorkers could mean friendlier tech


New York City's new Cabinet for Older New Yorkers met for the first time to plan how to improve the services and programs available to the 60-plus crowd.

Oregon DMV to offer video proctoring for driving-knowledge tests


A state official said offering video proctoring for driving-knowledge exams will be more convenient for the public and unburden DMV offices.

Abortion-friendly states launch websites as others restrict access


California Gov. Gavin Newsom is the latest state leader to announce a government website that lets visitors find abortion services.

North Dakota 'first' state to launch high-school transcript app


A state-developed digital credential wallet is now available to North Dakota high school students who want to share their transcripts.