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A special report on election security

With just six weeks until Nov. 3 and voters in many states already casting early and absentee ballots, state and county election administrators are facing a sea of <a href="https://preprod.statescoop.com/disinformation-biggest-threat-election-security-experts-tell-congress/">disinformation and misinformation</a>, active attempts to undermine <a href="https://preprod.cyberscoop.com/how-does-vote-by-mail-work-2020-election-explainer/">mail-in voting</a> and another wave of the kind of <a href="https://preprod.cyberscoop.com/2020-election-interference-cuba-saudia-arabia-north-korea/?category_news=news">foreign interference</a> that alarmed the nation after the 2016 race. And all while there's an ongoing pandemic that's killed 200,000 Americans and counting. In a new special report, StateScoop dives into the latest on many of these issues, including what the <a href="https://preprod.statescoop.com/list/election-security-company-products-2020/">tech industry is offering to election officials</a>, an interview with the head of a program <a href="https://preprod.statescoop.com/why-a-think-tank-is-connecting-cybersecurity-volunteers-with-election-officials/">connecting volunteer cybersecurity pros with election officials</a> and a column from two secretaries of state—one Democratic and one Republican—about how they prepared for 2020 with all the wrenches thrown by COVID-19. See the full report.

A Message From AWS Educate

With over 1,500 institutions and hundreds of thousands of students who use AWS Educate, we wanted to take you on a trip around the world and highlight how students are learning and innovating with the cloud. Learn more.

Fighting fire with video chats

While video conferencing software has begrudgingly become the norm for remote office workers and educators across the country this year, public safety officials say the technology is “game-changing” when it comes to fighting fires that have burned nearly six million acres across the Western United States so far this year. Cloud-based live-streams accessible on firefighters’ personal smartphones in the field and on desktop monitors are a big improvement over frenzied phone calls and emails, firefighters from Henderson, Nevada, told StateScoop. Ryan Johnston reports.

StateScoop 50 winners reflect on the pandemic

Like everything else in the world, the way governments use and depend on technology has been dramatically changed by COVID-19. But the pandemic has also revealed how technology has never been more important in ensuring that government services remain available to Americans, especially at the state level. The winners of the 2020 StateScoop 50 Awards for GoldenGov: State Executive of the Year, are now focused on taking the actions ensuring that government has the IT resources to remain functional. In a new podcast miniseries, StateScoop 50 winners talk about how they've weathered the last six months, and what the future might hold. Benjamin Freed hosts.

California seeks rapid solution to double coronavirus testing

California last week returned to a newer procurement process to seek help in improving how the state collects and transports biological samples to be tested for COVID-19. Using a process created last year by Gov. Gavin Newsom, called Request for Innovative Ideas, or RFI2, the state’s health, general services and technology departments asked companies and community organizations throughout the state to develop new ways to improve the efficacy and speed with which samples can be processed. The goal is to double California's daily testing capacity to 150,000 by March 1, and reduce turnaround times to 24-to-48 hours Colin Wood has more.

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