SLED Tech 2021 Year-in-Review

The pandemic, relief funding and legacy IT systems upgrades dominated the state and local government IT headlines this year.

As the editorial teams at StateScoop and EdScoop look back on 2021, the biggest stories of the year are obvious: $65 billion in new broadband funding to close the nation’s digital divide, the continued grappling match between chief information officers and their legacy IT systems, and a still-tense operating environment, but one officials are increasingly less likely to describe as a “crisis.”

There was no bright line separating 2020 and 2021, and many of the same trends should continue into 2022, but gradually, public-sector leaders have shown they’re becoming acclimated to new (and often remote) working environments, as well as the increased pace of work in a world after the coronavirus.

Reporting by Emily Bamforth, Benjamin Freed, Ryan Johnston and Colin Wood.

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State and local IT stories that made 2021

by | DEC 14, 2021

Representing a mild improvement over the tribulations of 2020, the past year was for state and local governments marked by many of the same high-intensity concerns. But most agencies showed that they had at least learned something from their initial responses to the health crisis. What began as a mad scramble in 2020, to get employees working remotely and to establish data-dashboards and functioning unemployment-insurance systems, gave way to a more sophisticated way of working and problem-solving.  In most agencies, remote- and hybrid-work set-ups are now accepted as natural features of the environment, and the length of projects are shrinking to meet the compressed timelines that were normalized in 2020. IT leaders have repeatedly told StateScoop over the past year that they were surprised with their own response speeds and in many cases said they plan to continue using the practices that made those sprints possible. The past year also […]