Alan Cunningham

Nevada CIO says he's quitting after duties 'altered dramatically'


Alan Cunningham, who was appointed in August 2020, announced he's stepping down after "having my job responsibilities altered dramatically."

State CIOs eye satellite internet, chatbots, automation tools


Satellite internet systems could be a cheaper solution to the digital divide, particularly in rural states, top technology officials said.

Nevada CIO says state's IT is 8 years behind others'


Alan Cunningham, who joined the state government last summer, said a federated environment and inflexible IT funding model is stunting its performance.

State CIOs enter the cloud ‘one step at a time’


The pandemic is accelerating states' IT modernization efforts, but institutional challenges are also encouraging state IT leaders to upgrade incrementally.

Nevada's new CIO targets tech-funding model, remote work


Alan Cunningham, who started as Nevada's new chief information officer Aug. 31, said attaining a more nimble funding model for technology projects is one of his top priorities.