Aurora Illinois

With new CTO, Georgia continues push to cloud


On the Priorities Podcast, Georgia CTO Dmitry Kagansky says “there’s a lot of movement” in the state on cloud migration.

Virtual city council meetings are boom or bust for local governments


While some report the forced digitization is improving civic engagement, technological gaffs have also created confusion and slowed proceedings.

Five cities team up to uncover economic-development innovations


Local governments in five states will share best practices and new ideas to boost economic development and improve civic engagement.

Cities need collaboration to deliver more inclusive services, CIOs say


A handful of city leaders are trying to make services more inclusive and equitable by working together and learning from each other.

How one city trawls social media to inform policy and make decisions


The CIO for Aurora, Illinois, says an AI-powered platform crawls Facebook, Twitter and other sources to help officials understand sentiment and spot problems as they arise.