autonomous vehicles

New Jersey plans on-demand autonomous vehicle network in Trenton


Officials said the project will include 100 autonomous shuttles designed to serve the capital's underserved regions.

Colorado city says big autonomous-shuttle pilot is 'super valuable'


After testing in the Denver suburb of Golden, the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance plans to expand its self-driving shuttles into two more cities next year.

Michigan and Ontario form smart-mobility pact


The two governments said they'll research technologies that can improve transportation across their shared border.

New Jersey, Rutgers U. choose vendor for CAV testing facility


Rutergs' transportation center has selected Iteris to help build a facility for researching connected and autonomous vehicles.

On-demand autonomous vehicles hit the streets in Arlington, Texas


The ride-hailing service is the first of its kind, according to executives from the transportation company Via, which is leading the one-year pilot.

Researchers propose industry standard 'cyber infrastructure' for autonomous vehicles


University of North Texas researchers are developing new technical frameworks to help AVs share data and contribute to what they call "cooperative perception."