California Innovation Summit

Want government collaboration? Grab coffee, think deeply


Oakland, California’s digital engagement officer says resource-strapped local governments can improve interjurisdictional partnership through careful strategy.

State, local agencies should unify on innovation, Intel exec says


Lisa Davis, a former federal government agency CIO, says state and local agencies should have a unified vision and strategy to maximize tech's impact.

Technology can help government change, says Sacramento's mayor


Government needs to change, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg says, and with technology, it can.

VMware exec says Silicon Valley innovation bleeds into government


California has unique access to different innovations and talent thanks to Silicon Valley, Jim Falvey, VMWare's state and local government western region lead says.

Balance tech growth with social responsibility, says Sacramento's mayor


Darrell Steinberg advocated for government policies and attitudes that lift up all parts of society simultaneously.

'Wall that damn thing off': What government CIOs can do to improve cybersecurity


The number of new applications and new devices coming into use means governments have to architect their networks for defense, San Francisco CIO Linda Gerull said.