call center

Google's COVID-19 vaccination chatbot now speaks 28 languages


Google says its Contact Center AI software can understand the difference between similarly phrased questions in 28 languages and dialects.

911 call centers get a map to look up other call centers


It's a visual upgrade to a decades-old database that also comes with hooks for modern applications to share data that helps smooth emergency response.

Minnesota's only suicide hotline is in danger of closing


The state needs roughly million in additional funding annually to keep its call center open.

IBM's Watson is going to start listening in on 911 calls


To help emergency call centers improve operations, public safety is hooking into the artificial intelligence system's speech-to-text and analytics programs.

Video wall delivers real-time information to dispatchers in Montgomery, Alabama


The new technology will dramatically change how the 911 call center monitors roughly 300,000 emergency calls each year.