campaign finance

Facebook and Google take different stances toward states' new rules on political ad disclosures


Google is suspending political ads in Washington state, while Facebook simply says state authorities have raised "important questions."

California passes bill to track 'dark money' in political ads and campaigns


The California Disclose Act is set to uncover the hidden names of political campaign donors, pending a signature from Gov. Jerry Brown.

Campaign finance tracker simplifies funding data


Campaign finance data is already available, but this artificial intelligence tool makes finding the numbers easy.

Bill to overhaul California's campaign finance database heads to governor


Sen. Robert Hertzberg's effort to force a redesign of how the state accepts and displays campaign and lobbying disclosures is now up for review by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Study: Ordinary people struggle to use many state campaign finance websites


A new report by the Campaign Finance Institute charges that dozens of state campaign disclosure websites desperately need overhauls.