Cincinnati sewer district taps sensors for better data on dumping, COVID-19


On the Priorities Podcast, an official from the Cincinnati sewer district explains how sensors are changing waste treatment.

As food insecurity rises, food banks turn to map tech


Food banks around the U.S. say digital maps have been the best tool to get the word out about their services at a time of heightened food insecurity.

Cities ply data against declining economic mobility


Under a new initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, 10 cities will track data with the goal of reducing income inequality and boosting economic opportunity for individuals and families.

'OpenCincy' shifts business permits online


The new web tool streamlines the process of starting or expanding a business in Ohio's third largest city.

Cincinnati Mobility Lab taps Uber data to improve local transit


A three-year project now underway in the city strives to unite public and private sectors on solving the region's transit challenges.

Cincinnati seeks broadband vendor for smart city backbone


The city is looking for a partnership that would provide a starting point for an emerging network of connected devices.