Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado to add 150 new connected vehicle devices to roadways


Colorado awarded contracts to two connected-vehicle companies, furthering an initiative aimed at reducing congestion and improving safety.

One year after Atlanta's ransomware attack, the city says it's transforming its technology


The city's new CIO, Gary Brantley, says cybersecurity is now "at the front of everything we do" in the wake of a cyberattack that cost Atlanta $17 million.

Colorado has spent more than $1 million bailing out from ransomware attack


Since the SamSam software infected the state's transportation department in February, returning systems to normal has been costly.

'SamSam' ransomware hits 2,000 Colorado DOT computers


The department says it will not pay the ransom and does not believe data was lost.

Colorado: This autonomous truck was made for crashing


In one of the earliest practical uses by government, a new vehicle deployed by the state's Department of Transportation will help keep road crews safe.