Ransomware is becoming an inevitability, officials say


Speakers during a CyberTalks panel said that governments being targeted with extortion malware is only a matter of time.

New Jersey courts CISO attributes stronger pandemic cybersecurity to staff


Regular virtual check-ins with court staff have had the benefit of strengthening the state judiciary's cybersecurity hygiene.

'Hygiene is core to everything' on ransomware, San Jose CIO says


San Jose CIO Rob Lloyd told a San Francisco CyberTalks audience that as ransomware attacks have matured, how governments defend against and respond to them have had to as well.

Fun and games can raise cybersecurity awareness in state government


North Carolina's capture-the-flag exercise is extending cybersecurity concerns beyond the office of the chief information officer.

Atlanta CIO worries city employees will forget ransomware attack


"We have to tell people this can happen again," said Gary Brantley of the March 2018 ransomware attack on his city.