data governance

Coronavirus data errors reveal 'uncharted waters' for states


Counting errors, political feuds and a lack of common data governance is making it more difficult for states to get control of the pandemic, a government data expert said.

Blueprint for effective data-driven governance targets governors


A new guide from the nonprofit group Results for America provides case studies and best practices for governors seeking to use data more effectively.

Connecticut's first chief data officer steps down


Tyler Kleykamp helped forge statewide legislation and policy that supports initiatives ranging from opioid-addiction recovery to the magnet school lottery.

Chicago Police's 'gang database' is disorganized and inaccurate, report finds


A report by the city's inspector general finds the Chicago Police Department uses disorganized, outdated and inaccurate information to track gang activity.

Texas lawmakers consider firming up chief data officer's role


New legislation would give data-oriented work a more solid footing within state government.