Deborah Blyth

Colorado CISO Deborah Blyth to join CrowdStrike as state and local strategist


Blyth helped lead the recovery to a 2018 ransomware attack that became a blueprint for how state governments respond to major cyber incidents.

One year after Atlanta's ransomware attack, the city says it's transforming its technology


The city's new CIO, Gary Brantley, says cybersecurity is now "at the front of everything we do" in the wake of a cyberattack that cost Atlanta $17 million.

Colorado has spent more than $1 million bailing out from ransomware attack


Since the SamSam software infected the state's transportation department in February, returning systems to normal has been costly.

State tech leaders take different tacks to bolster security


Technology officials from North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado describe distinct approaches to fortifying their states' networks.

Colorado builds internal firewalls to amp up cybersecurity


The state's chief information security officer discusses her strategy for refreshing aging technology and improving security.

What states can learn from the OPM breach


The massive breach in the federal government should be a wake up call for states, IT leaders said.