Deval Patrick

Massachusetts reports successful health exchange launch


Maydad Cohen, a special assistant to Gov. Deval Patrick, said the site had been reliable during the first two days of open enrollment.

Boston University develops smart city cloud platform


Researchers at Boston University will begin work on a new smart city cloud platform designed to streamline and strengthen multiple municipal functions that could become a model for large and small cities to use across the nation.

Challenges face new CIOs in Oregon, Massachusetts


Both Oregon and Massachusetts announced changes to their information technology leadership last week in moves that will ultimately affect three states going forward.

Massachusetts most energy-efficient state ... again


Gov. Deval Patrick today announced for the third year in a row, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has ranked Massachusetts as the No. 1 state for energy-efficiency policies and programs.

App transform Massachusetts town public works requests


For the past three months, residents in the town of Hanover, Mass., have used a new mobile application to submit work requests to the city’s public works department funded through a state grant program.