Digital Promise

Education app developers miss a target audience: adult learners


Adult literacy advocates say app developers should broaden their audience beyond K-12 students and build apps for adults with low literacy and math skills.

Education innovation clusters coming to Chicago


The clusters are networks of school districts, edtech startups and community organizers that meet to discuss how to deepen education through technology.

Schools rethink how to pilot edtech programs


Education nonprofit Digital Promise is researching how schools pilot edtech programs to determine ways to make the process easier and more effective.

School CTOs tackle online tests, Wi-Fi access at CoSN 2015


StateScoop highlights some of the interesting panels and topics discussed at the 2015 CoSN conference, including online tests and tips for monitoring wifi.

How a high school tech program hopes to lift a rural Alabama town out of poverty


A rural Alabama town is trying to use the technology in its local high school to expand learning opportunities for residents in a bid to revive its withering economy.