One Year In: New York website redesign drives major traffic gains


Page views quadrupled after the website's overhaul, and state IT staff are hailing the project as a massive success.

Website redesign launches N.C. into digital services


As the demand for digital services grows nationwide, North Carolina is stepping up its game — starting with a website redesign across state government.

Transit strike shows power of Drupal, cloud computing


With nearly 400,000 daily riders — San Franciscans who relied on the system for transportation — the department’s website found itself with 10 times its normal traffic as users looked for information on when trains would run again. The increase in Web traffic normally would have shut the site down, but just weeks before, Bay Area Rapid Transit — affectionately known as BART — moved its Web operations to Drupal, hosted inside Acquia’s cloud.

Colorado moves to Drupal for government agencies


The Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority and its partner, Colorado Interactive, have offered up a new content management system using Drupal.

Lessons learned from Georgia's IT outsourcing efforts


It’s been a little more than four years since Georgia outsourced almost all of its information technology infrastructure and telecommunications in a bold move aimed at reducing risk and modernizing technology for the state’s IT enterprise.