Electronic Scooters

Maryland universities to track transit patterns of Baltimore residents


A group of university researchers and state authorities will monitor the movements of 1,000 Baltimore residents with the goal of improving transit "through an equity lens."

Tested by Ubers, scooters and seas of data, city officials see opportunity


A mercurial landscape of transportation options is challenging cities in way that urban transportation officials say they can't build their way out of.

Disability rights group sues San Diego, e-scooter companies for clogging sidewalks


Disability Rights California claims in a suit filed earlier this month that e-scooters are blocking walkway access for people with disabilities.

Washington, D.C., scooter regulations are 'impossible', Bird says


The city is raising its scooter fleet cap from 400 to 600 per company, but the companies say that's still not enough to provide equitable service.