State health agencies lag in hardening email security, researchers say


Email security company Proofpoint said 44% of state health agencies don't have a published configuration of DMARC, a protocol that weeds out malicious messages.

A potluck invitation generated a 'Reply All-pocalypse' in Utah


An invitation to a holiday party meant for fewer than 100 people went out all 22,000 state employees, leading to 12 minutes of email madness before Utah's IT agency shut down the thread.

California's deadly wildfires present opportunity for email scammers


The gift card schemes are very low-tech, but they take advantage of people's sympathies after a deadly natural disaster, an email security consultant says.

Here are the top 10 states for cybercrimes in 2017


The FBI's annual report shows where hackers are hitting the U.S. hardest, and that ransomware only accounts for a fraction of the damage.

Northrop Grumman threatens email shutdown in Virginia


If IT can't stand up new services or reach a compromise with its current contractor by the end of October, more than half of the commonwealth's employees will be without email access.