Eric Larson

Six months after IT reorganization, Florida's deputy CIO steps down


Deputy CIO Heath Beach says his team did "great things." Meanwhile, the state has yet to name a new leader of the young technology agency.

Florida governor proposes dismantling state technology agency


If Gov. Ron DeSantis' budget is approved, it would be the third time the state has dissolved its technology agency since 2005.

Florida CIO Eric Larson resigns


Appointed in 2017, the state's top IT official departed following the inauguration of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Florida names corrections security leader as state CISO


The state’s new chief information security officr says his work managing IT security at Florida's Department of Corrections primed him for a larger organization in state government.

Florida looks forward to hiring its first geographic information officer


Q&A: Chief Information Officer Eric Larson says the state's incoming GIS leader will have a coalition of the willing ready to follow.

Once-threatened Florida technology agency prepares for a busy future


A geographic information system office and a chief data officer are in store following a governor's veto of the bill that would have slashed the state technology budget and canned dozens of staff.