Francis Suarez

Crypto's crash tamped down mayors' hype, but cities are still chasing it


Bitcoin has lost half its value, but many cities are still looking to embrace cryptocurrency, even if there's not really a good use for it.

Miami commissioners claim 'basic' understanding of MiamiCoin


Miami is spending millions on a new rental assistance program, but the funding source, MiamiCoin, is only vaguely understood by city leaders.

Flush with cryptocurrency, Miami wants to give every resident some bitcoin


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the city will partner with cryptocurrency exchanges to provide residents with digital wallets.

MiamiCoin creator says 'every startup city' will get a coin within two years


CityCoins founder Patrick Stanley said he's planning to expand to new locations.

Miami has a new source of income: cryptocurrency


Commissioners voted to allow the city to dip into proceeds of the cryptocurrency, which so far total $4.3 million in value.