Fred Brittain

Maine’s project management office is branching out, CIO says


“They’re getting a lot of new exposure,” Maine Chief Information Officer Fred Brittain told StateScoop.

Grow beyond the transactional mindset, Maine CIO urges


Leaders in state government should be owning the outcomes affecting the public, state CIO Fred Brittain says.

Why cybersecurity in state government is like babysitting


Maine's state CIO says state IT officials have a big responsibility to care for the public's data and keep it safe.

Maine approves IT reorganization plan


The state's new CIO, Fred Brittain, is organizing his agency into four subdivisions, and wants other agencies to participate in IT decision-making processes.

Maine hires public university tech chief as new state CIO


Fred Brittain takes his first position in state government after more than 25 years with the state's public university system.