Geo-Enabled Elections

How Shasta County, Calif., used GIS to improve elections


County officials said a recent pilot project with the National States Geographic Information Council gave them a boost in confidence and staff support.

COVID-19 gave GIS, elections leaders chance to ‘think outside the box’


While the pandemic presented significant challenges for the Geo-Enabled Elections project, it also prompted leaders to think differently.

One Arizona county is showing what GIS can do for elections


Maricopa County, Arizona, which is home to more than 2.4 million voters, has used geospatial information systems to perfect its legislative and precinct maps, and grow voter participation. But GIS adoption still lags in many other jurisdictions.

As census deadline looms, GIS leaders seek elections systems upgrades


Election officials can make sure "our democracy functions as it should" by using geospatial technology, experts say on the GIS Addressed podcast.