How healthcare agencies can tackle fraud, waste and abuse with RPA


A new report discusses advances in automation to help public healthcare organizations tackle a backlog of claims from the pandemic, and protect from fraud and waste.

Virginia building e-referral system to connect hospitals with social services


Virginia will spend $10 million of its CARES Act funding on an e-referral system to connect hospitals to organizations that provide social services like housing, transportation and food.

Digital health IT startups reap $250K via Massachusetts incubator


From virtual reality to telemedicine, the funding will drive new research and development in healthcare through the state's Digital Health Innovation Labs.

NYC mental health portal brings easier access to those in need


'Warm hand-offs' and round-the-clock care are part of the city's mission to remove barriers to mental health services.

Data analytics saved Illinois $22M on healthcare fraud


Savings millions is just the beginning for a state IT office seeking to generate a complete view of each citizen's unique life.

Colorado voters set to decide the fate of health exchange


A recently approved ballot measure will give Coloradans the final say on whether to scrap the state exchange in favor of a single-payer system.