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Blockchains backs off 'innovation zones' concept in Nevada


Blockchains founder and CEO Jeffrey Berns said he's pulling out of further talks, citing the absence of "a champion" for the project.

Nevada's local officials are still skeptical of 'innovation zones'


County officials in Nevada told state legislators they don't want to share governmental authority with tech companies buying large plots of land in the state.

Nevada presses pause on 'innovation zones'


Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said the idea of communities governed by technology companies warrants further public examination before the legislature makes a decision.

San Antonio announces innovation zones, a proving ground for smart city tech


Three recently selected areas of the city will allow officials to test how new technologies perform on a small scale before seeking potential citywide projects.

Atlanta Smart Corridor evolves into a springboard for autonomous vehicles, IoT and more


With urbanization trends taxing city services, the Atlanta Smart Corridor along North Avenue will help city officials research and scale smart city technologies quickly.