IT centralization

Nevada CIO says state's IT is 8 years behind others'


Alan Cunningham, who joined the state government last summer, said a federated environment and inflexible IT funding model is stunting its performance.

Pandemic was a test for states’ IT preparedness, says Alaska CIO


Alaska Chief Information Officer Bill Smith said he’s treating the rush to remote work as a case study in emergency preparedness.

Delaware's new 'chief of partner services' role signals IT progress


Former director of data center and operations Justin Day fills a newly created role designed to bring uniformity to the technology agency's service offerings.

Gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia threaten changes for tech officials


The executive-level technology leaders in the two states could see changes after a political party change in N.J., and an administration change in Virginia.

Alabama swaps Jim Purcell into CIO role


Joanne Hale will be replaced by the former state chief operations officer, who will serve in an acting capacity as the state's technology lead.