Jen Easterly

Cyber threats in K-12 are 'here to stay'


Even without robust funding, there are still free and low-cost steps K-12 schools can take to improve their cyber defenses, speakers said at a CISA event.

As workforce issues near 'crisis,' CIOs invoke call to serve public


The public-service mission is still one of the most effective ways to attract new IT and cyber talent to government, speakers said at the Michigan Cyber Summit.

Insider threats a growing concern for election security efforts


Recent breaches of election equipment represent insider threats "in ways we haven’t seen before," said CISA's top election-security official.

CISA director offers governors advice on talking about cyber


Jen Easterly told a National Governors Association meeting that people "get scared of cyber because it’s seen as very technical."

CISA director tells mayors to make cyber a 'kitchen-table' issue


Jen Easterly urged mayors to pursue more cyber hygiene and modernization — and offered an update on the new cybersecurity grant program.