Kayla Nick-Kearney

L.A. moves on plans to expand broadband access


Officials in Los Angeles are reviewing proposals from vendors angling to help stand up the city's municipal broadband program.

San Francisco launches 'Muni Mobile' payment app for buses


“You no longer have to have exact change of .25 to ride Muni”, said a spokesman for San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency.

Oakland fights fire with 4G routers


The city of Oakland is assisting its first responders by updating the 4G routers installed in every firetruck.

Sacramento moves 311 services to the cloud


The move will allow the city to expand services on the non-emergency information hotline, said Maria MacGunigal, chief information officer of Sacramento.

L.A. installs next-gen, wireless-enabled street lights


Los Angeles is deploying a new kind of street lamp that could help residents get better cell service.

San Francisco unveils citywide IoT network


The network, provided by network manager Sigfox, uses low power, briefcase-sized antennas and a very low ISM band frequency to communicate small pieces of data between connected things.