Kyle Ardoin

Louisiana is trying to keep better tabs on managed service providers


A spate of ransomware attacks prompted Louisiana to create a registry for MSPs doing business with public-sector entities.

La. secretary of state blasts managed service providers for lax cybersecurity


Kyle Ardoin told his fellow secretaries of state that the vendors many local governments use for IT services don't offer security strong enough for elections.

Election officials are watching how their states respond to cyberattacks


Ransomware attacks against state and local governments have been "real-life fire drills" for election officials preparing to oversee the 2020 presidential race.

Election officials say they're adopting a 'security first' mindset heading into 2020


The relationship between state and federal officials has improved, but there are still plenty of challenges in securing election systems across the country, speakers at an NGA conference said.

In search for new voting machines, Louisiana may need to start over


If Dominion Voting Systems doesn't file a lawsuit by Dec. 12, the state's procurement process will likely go back to square one.