Lori Lightfoot

Chicago mayor appoints CIO and CTO amid digital-strategy revamp


Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city is going to embark on a new IT modernization strategy, naming two officials to lead the effort.

Chicago names acting commissioner of IT agency


A sprawling agency responsible for the city's technology, motor-vehicle fleet and public buildings has a new leader after its last commissioner joined the Obama Foundation.

Microsoft, Chicago team up to provide digital skills training


The company says free digital-skills training will reach more than 300,000 Chicagoans looking to boost their digital literacy or switch career paths.

Chicago Police launches new data program to identify stressed out cops


The department announced a new project that uses data to monitor the mental health of police officers.

Chicago mayor proposes massive overhaul of city's IT operations


Mayor Lori Lightfoot's proposal would merge the city's IT agency with the department that manages vehicles and buildings, which the city's former chief data officer called a "terrible decision."