Maggie Hassan

State and local governments could gain access to federal network monitoring service


A new bill includes a pilot program letting state and local governments enroll in CISA's Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring program.

State and local officials tell Senate they 'really need' cyber grants


While the House is advancing a $500 million grant proposal, the Senate has moved much more slowly, despite pleas from state and local officials.

New cybersecurity coordinators will bridge feds to states, senator says


Sen. Maggie Hassan said that improving cyber defenses begins with "supercharging" the relationship between federal, state and local governments.

Will Congress ever fund state and local cybersecurity grants?


A $400 million grant program sought by NASCIO members and others passed the House in 2020, but got stuck in the Senate. The advocacy will continue into 2021.

Elections, retirements bring in new state CIOs in 2015


In a tumultuous year for state information technology, more than 20 states welcomed new CIOs due to changes from elections, retirements or resignations.

States lash out at feds, Congress for shutdown


Complaints centered on the temporary stoppage of federal funds that states receive to run critical program in each jurisdiction, ranging from health and human services initiatives to education programs, not to mention the possible economic impacts on their states.