Maria MacGunigal

Sacramento-Verizon partnership brings free Wi-Fi, digital kiosks and 5G cell towers


A 10-year agreement with Verizon sets in motion plans for major infrastructure upgrades for the city.

Sacramento IT officials respond to cyberthreat from 'Anonymous'


Officials are preparing Sacramento's IT systems for a potential attack after a video attributed to the online hacktivist group Anonymous threatened to target the city.

New dashboard shines light on Sacramento's budget data


Code for Sacramento has created a new user-friendly tool that helps users learn about the city's spending and revenue.

Sacramento moves 311 services to the cloud


The move will allow the city to expand services on the non-emergency information hotline, said Maria MacGunigal, chief information officer of Sacramento.

Sacramento council creates digital signature program


A new effort kickstarted by Sacramento's city council will change the way the city uses digital signatures on contracts and other documents.