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San Francisco won't put universal internet on upcoming ballot


A municipal broadband project that has been in talks for several years may have to wait a bit longer still.

City-run fiber network in SF could generate 'significant' returns, says latest analysis


A fiscal analysis announced by the mayor's office found that while the project would cost as much as .8 billion, it would also generate new sources of income and reduce reliance on existing providers.

San Francisco asks vendors for citywide fiber that is net neutral, secure


The city has officially begun its procurement process to build a gigabit network that blankets the city.

Gigabit internet should be a universal utility in San Francisco, says city report


A panel convened by Supervisor Mark Farrell concludes that internet has graduated from a luxury to an essential component of living.

San Francisco bill would give renters access to all internet providers


A new city ordinance hopes to eliminate broadband service barriers property owners place on renters.