Ransomware actor 'Aleks' says resentment fueled his career choice


Researchers for Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group talked to a user of the LockBit malware, who revealed a few tricks of the trade and why he turned to cybercrime.

Schools remain 'easy target' for ransomware as Maze targets big K-12 systems


There's a "special place in hell" for ransomware actors who go after schools during the start to a chaotic academic year, one analyst told StateScoop.

North Dakota government fiber provider hit by ransomware


Dakota Carrier Network, which supports the state's government broadband network, was the victim of an attack that exposed files including a photo of a rock icon.

'Maze' group behind Pensacola ransomware published city files online


The hackers behind a Dec. 7 cyberattack posted 2 gigabytes of stolen city files, which they say is but a fraction of what they stole.