Washington state hires Los Angeles Times CISO as new cyber chief


Ralph Johnson, currently CISO for the company that owns the Los Angeles Times, has been named Washington's new statewide CISO.

Missouri prosecutor won't charge reporter governor accused of 'hacking'


Gov. Mike Parson last year demanded an investigation into St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who discovered a vulnerability in a state agency's website.

Reporter who notified Missouri officials of website flaw did 'nothing out of line,' emails show


As Gov. Mike Parson digs in against the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for finding a flaw on a state website, records show the paper followed the proper steps of vulnerability disclosure.

Missouri governor accuses newspaper of 'hacking' state website


A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter notified a state agency that it was exposing sensitive personal data. Gov. Mike Parson wants the paper investigated.