Auditor finds Minnesota IT Services broke 'significant legal requirements' in managing technology fund


The state's technology agency is required to provide oversight for Minnesota's Information and Telecommunications Account, but was unable to show in many instances that it was reviewing applications or monitoring projects.

Minnesota governor vetoes bill reimbursing those affected by struggling licensing system


Gov. Mark Dayton is instead calling on the legislature for a single comprehensive bill that provides sustainable funding to fix MNLARS and reimburses deputy registrars who have been affected.

Fired MNLARS project leader calls himself a 'head on a spike'


Paul Meekin, a former employee of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, says he's being used as a scapegoat while the administration avoids "the real problem."

Minnesota senator calls to restructure technology office amid upgrade struggles


After requesting $43 million to repair its vehicle license and registration system, the state's IT office now finds itself at risk of losing its influence as a centralized agency.

After a 36-year state government career, Minnesota CIO Tom Baden to retire


The government IT veteran says unforeseen health issues have prompted him to retire from "the honor of a lifetime."

After 10 years, Minnesota CISO steps aside


Chris Buse is staying in state government, but his time leading statewide cybersecurity operations is over for now.