5 state and local agencies ink aviation-research deals with NASA


NASA will help agencies develop drone and urban flight strategies as part of a national campaign for more accessible short-distance travel.

NASA research surge could bring drones, autonomous technology to cities faster


The public and regulators alike are worried about the safety and reliability of technology like self-driving cars. Potential breakthroughs from the federal aerospace body could advance the industry.

NASA turns to teens for global smart city platform


Through its real-world learning program, the agency is developing a geospatial analytics dashboard to assist cities in managing water, electricity, traffic and other resources.

Virginia hosts first government-approved drone delivery


NASA’s remote-controlled Cirrus SR-22 aircraft helped air-drop medical supplies to a clinic for underserved patients in Virginia on Friday.

STEM camps: Agencies, schools get in the game


A growing number of government agencies, schools, startups and traditional camps are offering tech programs that appeal to kids' inner technophiles.

Maryland, NASA, start tech transfer partnership


The state of Maryland and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., have embarked on a new partnership effort, the main goal of which is to attract high-technology companies to Maryland.