NASTD Annual

IT consolidation slows some states' move to the cloud — panel


Some state IT leaders say their previous efforts to consolidate operations have them questioning the efficacy of a cloud migration.

Cyber experts: Network segmentation could help reduce risk posed by IoT devices


Public and private sector security observers want to see states carefully consider how connected devices could make their networks more vulnerable.

MS-ISAC urges states, localities to protect against election system threats, ransomware


The head of one of the leading cyber information-sharing centers in the country is hoping to get IT leaders to beef up the security of their election systems and patch their browsers rigorously.

Michigan prepares to analyze data collected through IoT devices


The state's Department of Transportation is thinking about new ways to make use of the information it's pulling in with the help of the state's IT shop.

More IoT devices mean states must get smarter about management — panel


A group of public and private IT leaders at the National Association of State Technology Directors’ annual conference agree that states need to develop robust data management strategies for their mobile devices.

Open data advocate: States, cities can link IoT procurement to data management


Waldo Jaquith, speaking at the National Association of State Technology Directors’ annual conference, believes governments need to pair their purchasing of connected devices with their data governance practices.