National Association of State Procurement Officials

Roadmap for state IT procurement reform: Industry groups publish workshop findings


After two years of heightened collaboration between state IT and procurement groups, headway is being made to transform how state government buys technology.

Open data firm Socrata sued for fraud after claims of deception against partner in Michigan contract


Michigan-based software company Munetrix is calling for financial compensation amid an accusation that Socrata partnered on a state contract and then secretly undercut the bid.

National roundtable brings CIOs and CPOs together to solve procurement woes


Nearly half of all CIOs view their procurement processes negatively. A new national partnership aims to share knowledge across disciplines and improve how government buys things.

Virginia, Ohio use shared services, e-procurement to cut costs


A joint NASCA-NASPO report found that state adoption of shared services and e-procurement can lead to savings and enhanced efficiency.

How collaboration led to a better cloud in California


When California officials were looking to build a new cloud offering, collaboration between the CIO and CPO ended up critical to the project's success.