National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NHTSA selects vendor to test new 911 data-exchange model


A new standard for sharing 911 data is an essential step as the nation moves to a IP-based systems, officials said.

New study looks for GIS gaps in 911 systems


The federal government's National 911 Program and Mission Critical Partners are assessing which jurisdictions need help with their geospatial data technology.

AV standards 'insufficient' for manufacturers, agency heads say


Autonomous vehicles need federal safety standards more stringent than an existing patchwork of inconsistent state regulations, U.S. transportation officials told the Senate Commerce Committee.

Rhode Island bans use of handheld devices while driving


The new law is one of many in a national trend to legislate against the growing and deadly threat to public safety known as distracted driving.

States and feds tangle on autonomous vehicle policy


Transportation officials and automakers fear early state regulations on autonomous vehicles might increase development expenses and delay deployment.

Experts: States play key role in coordinating FirstNet, next-gen 911 efforts


A panel of public safety communications experts is hoping to see states team up with their first responders to coordinate the two intertwined connectivity efforts.