Firm picked to provide California's NG911 emergency alerts


Rave Mobile Safety is now providing emergency mass notification services in California as the state upgrades to next-generation 911.

New York adds $55 million to public safety systems upgrade


To bring its emergency communications into the digital era, the state has now directed a total of 00 million.

Next-gen 911 matching grant rules open for comment


Federal grant funding to support call center infrastructure upgrades is expected to become available early next year.

With strong state funding, Philadelphia catapults into next generation 911


With plans to complete the first phase of its 911 upgrade by the end of the year, the city's path is paved with state dollars, but financial challenges await many other jurisdictions around the nation.

Kansas to host next-gen 911 call system on the cloud


Kansas announced Monday that it has partnered with AT&T to develop a cloud-based 911 calling platform.