Nikhil Deshpande

Pandemic gave government's digital services a new 'baseline'


Georgia Chief Digital Officer Nikhil Deshpande said that the pandemic has irrevocably altered expectations around the speed and sophistication of the public sector's digital offerings.

Georgia pilots new user-centric website


Users don't care how state agencies function, says the state's chief digital officer, only that they get they can find the critical information they need.

NASCIO awards top state IT projects and officials for 2019


State projects to map schools and track sexual assault kits were honored alongside three top state technology officials.

Google is digital government's true homepage, remind experts


On this episode of StateScoop's Priorities podcast, CDOs from Georgia and Massachusetts show why agencies should undergo constant self-assessment.

It’s time to prioritize your organization’s digital strategy


Commentary: Georgia’s chief digital officer says creating a digital strategy can help a state build credibility with its citizens and align with their goals.