Utah's 'talking' cars project enters second phase


Transportation officials in Utah said vehicles that can communicate with roadside infrastructure — and receive warnings from the cloud — could soon reduce roadway deaths.

Utah invests $50 million in connected and autonomous vehicle infrastructure


Officials say they'll work with Panasonic to advance from Utah's current time-saving and efficiency techniques onto roadway technologies that can save lives.

First responders can now subscribe to FirstNet through third parties via 'Dealer Program'


Subscriptions previously only offered by AT&T and the federal FirstNet authority are now available through a group of third party vendors.

Denver's experimental smart city gets microgrid, Wi-Fi, autonomous shuttles


Developers say the new technologies being added to the living lab could provide a glimpse into the future of urban life.

Smart city partnership in Colorado promises to cut congestion, improve roadway safety


A new contract involving Panasonic and Colorado aims to give the public more transportation data and, ultimately, save lives.