Parking on-demand, road safety apps in latest Michigan mobility grants


Four companies received more than $300,000 to fund innovative transportation and parking projects around Michigan.

A Twitter bot is trying to fix D.C.'s parking problems


The Washington, D.C. license plate lookup tool is seeing early success on Twitter. Now its creators want to develop it into a fully fledged mobile app.

L.A.'s newest data portal highlights where, when and why people get parking tickets


Designed to influence city policy, the new website provides a starting point for public discussion about an issue that's relatable to anyone who's ever parked in a bad spot.

After tussle with bike-share startup, San Francisco says it's sick of disruption


Startups are often admired for upending the market with innovative ideas, but a government official in one of the nation's most progressive cities says companies need to ask permission first.

L.A. expands smart-parking coverage area to 3 new communities


The city is installing more parking sensors to expand LA Express Park, an app-powered, sensor-fueled smart-parking program expected to eventually cover the entire city.