Rajiv Rao

Improving security postures across New York's agencies


CTO Rajiv Rao discusses how the state has benefited from greater connectivity and service delivery due to network modernization.

New York CTO says building digital services 'cannot be disruptive'


New York CTO Rajiv Rao said that while digital government is here to stay, it can't undermine existing vital services.

New York rethinks digital services as the pandemic wanes


New York CTO Rajiv Rao talks about digital services. Massachusetts CIO Curt Wood weighs in on modernization.

State IT officials say they're getting 'fair share' of relief funds


Equipping remote workforces, improving network security and expanding broadband are among the top uses of the funding so far.

Pandemic spurred collaboration, more data use, LA and N.Y. officials say


New York State CTO Rajiv Rao said the pandemic was challenging for IT operations, but "teams rallied, they figured it out and managed to get it under control.”