Results for America

Bloomberg launches 'Local Infrastructure Hub' to help cities get grant funding


Bloomberg Philanthropies and other groups unveiled the Local Infrastructure Hub, a program that helps communities get grant funding.

For public health and economy, states are turning to data


Results for America and the National Governors Association named seven states that are doing the most with data as they manage the health crisis and their dwindling budgets.

Blueprint for effective data-driven governance targets governors


A new guide from the nonprofit group Results for America provides case studies and best practices for governors seeking to use data more effectively.

Survey names Colorado, Washington among top data-driven states


The two states are part of a national increase in data-driven decision making within state governments observed by Results for America's 2019 survey.

Nation's best data-driven state government initiatives highlighted in nonprofit's report


Results for America, which promotes evidence-based decision-making, found more than seven dozen state government initiatives that meet its "Standard of Excellence."