Smart City Expo Atlanta

Small-city mayor says citizen-centric government is what's 'smart'


Eugene Grant, mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, says digital transformation has allowed citizens to be engaged in the day-to-day activities of city operations.

'Smart' technology benefits? Indiana mayor looks for cost efficiency


Karen Freeman-Wilson, mayor of Gary, Indiana, says her city takes a practical approach to getting "smart" technology implemented in government.

'Smart cities' are growing faster than IT officials can secure them


Smart cities offer a lot of "bright, shiny objects," but governments need to make sure their cybersecurity polices keep pace, speakers at a conference said.

One mayor's smart-city vision: No scooters, more surveillance


The mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, says he doesn't want e-scooters, but that he is excited by new law-enforcement technologies.

Public safety data needs a strategy, Atlanta CIO says


Atlanta's recent adoption of gunshot-detection devices means there's even more data the city find ways to share and manage.

5G promises to bring 21st-century infrastructure — and fun with robots


At a smart cities conference in Atlanta, 5G was called as essential to cities today as sewers were in the 19th century. In the suburbs, it meant dancing robots.