Steve Nichols

Locals' .gov adoption is getting better, but still slow


More local governments have moved to the top-level domain since CISA waived a $400 fee, but there's still a long way to go, writes Georgia's former CTO.

Georgia CTO Steve Nichols steps down after 20 years


Steve Nichols, who was hired as Georgia's chief technology officer in 2002 and served five CIOs, is joining the consulting firm Gartner.

Georgia’s CTO on taking a cloud-first posture to minimize technical debt


The state is shifting its cloud posture after the expense and fragility of its VPN-approach to connecting to on-prem data centers reached a tipping point, shares CTO Steve Nichols.

Favoring flexibility, more states pursue multi-sourced IT models


Virginia's single-provider contract with Northrop Grumman is the last of a dying breed in government.

Lessons learned from Georgia's IT outsourcing efforts


It’s been a little more than four years since Georgia outsourced almost all of its information technology infrastructure and telecommunications in a bold move aimed at reducing risk and modernizing technology for the state’s IT enterprise.