task force

North Carolina cyber chief says new recognition for task force will improve its reach


"Having the formal recognition is extremely valuable," Rob Main, the state's chief risk officer, said of a recent move by Gov. Roy Cooper.

Kansas forms cybersecurity task force


The group is charged with developing a "comprehensive plan" within 90 days to improve cybersecurity in the state.

For computers that are fair, New York City forms algorithm task force


In recognition of the growing influence of data-driven decision making and computer programs that power public services, a new law has compelled the city to create an oversight body.

Houston's tech startup task force is trying to figure out why the giant city is lagging behind


As part of its strategy to draw new startups and stimulate local investment, the task force is now searching for a location for an innovation district hoped to bring the city up to speed.

Missouri governor's innovation task force seeks new initiatives


A new group assembled by Gov. Eric Greitens will deliver recommendations that could bring new technology investments and programs to the state.