Massachusetts pumps $10.5 million into STEM education


Gov. Charlie Baker has earmarked new funds for STEM education and workforce development programs reminiscent of Obama's TechHire.

Obama's TechHire initiative adds 20 new cities


As the nation prepares for a change in leadership, the technical workforce gap remains one of the economy's biggest challenges.

White House sending $150M in grants to local IT training programs


The Department of Labor hopes to jumpstart efforts in communities across the country to educate workers on the latest tech skills.

White House expands program to spur state, local tech hiring


The Obama administration is partnering with 15 new communities to get leaders working with the private sector to jumpstart IT hiring.

Baltimore joins growing list of TechHire training cities


Baltimore joins a growing list of cities, including Cincinnati, New Orleans, Oakland, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. to receive federal grants for technology training programs targeting adults ages 17 to 29 who face barriers to job opportunities.